What are some of the best essays about growing up?

A growing up essay is a frequent topic in college admissions or one of the first essays types one encounters as a freshman. With this assignment, professors want to see beyond your high school academic grades, to get to know you as a person.

Growing up is the topic we are all familiar with, as we all experienced growing up. Yet, for some, this topic might be a difficult one as here one has to explore and reveal a bit of his personality, a life story, or a childhood experience presented in a narrative way. While some may just sit and write quickly, others might get stuck at a blind page. Do not worry, we have searched the web for you looking for some of the greatest essay examples on growing up. Below we have prepared a summary of the best award-winning ideas from those essays.

  • Describe the transformation of oneself from childhood to adulthood. Here you should focus on your inside-out perspective – the way you perceived the world as a child and how your perception changed over time. Support your narrative with particular examples of situations in which you happened to be as a child and later as you have grown up. It is important to emphasize how your values transformed, what you used to value as a kid, and what you did not value because you lacked experience. For instance, as kids, we would usually be more arrogant to people around us, particularly our close ones. However, with age, we learn to appreciate their care and attitude.
  • Focus on overcoming difficulties and how that affected your growth. Adults say difficulties make us stronger, but for kids difficulties often mean not only that but also a rapid transition to maturity. Especially this is true for places and communities with less wealth accumulation, third-world countries living in poverty. A stressful event in our life, e.g. a death of someone in our family, a severe illness, or a heavy burden to make a living for yourself and other family members, would either break a fragile child’s will or make him/her take on responsibilities appropriate for adults.
  • Speak about experiencing poverty as a child. Poverty and harsh living conditions are still a plague of our world despite all the industrial and information revolutions. Students who write about fighting poverty in their essays often arouse sympathy and compassion in their readers. They stress that they either did not have a childhood at all or had it in a very short and diminished form. They do not just talk about overcoming poverty, but also how they learned to appreciate the common goods and wealth of modern Western society. Today they are helping others in similar harsh living conditions. 
  • Describe your family values and how they shaped your personality. Some of the best essays on this topic focus on the love and care of your family members for you as a child. In particular how their wisdom and guidance helped you in different life situations, to form your character, to fight injustice, to distinguish and appreciate the good in other people.

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